A great deal has been happening these last few weeks. I got the rear bumper done, and not much work other than that on the truck itself but truck related work was done. First thing was the engine. I had to ship two EA81s to CCR in Colorado. This involved palletizing the engines and transporting them to the ABF trucking terminal. The Washington D.C. ABF terminal is the biggest collection of losers outside of a high school guidance counselor convention. This is no reflection on CCR who is staffed by some of the sharpest and nicest people it has been my pleasure to do business with. Anyhow, my engine, the ER27 six cylinder out of the XT6 sportscar, has shipped and should arrive Wed. of this week as I understand it. Also arriving this week is the Rancho shock set, aluminum radiator designed for a 7Ltr V8, the 16 gallon foam filled fuel cell for the bed and the new strut tops. Pics of all this will be posted as I get they come in. Allot will happen to the truck right here at the last week of Sept. The suspension, brakes and driveline will be closed out, the engine will be going in and the fuel, cooling subsystems will be installed.


I also had a chance to watch E-Zap's Subaru off road video that he is selling. This tape series is something else. You get to see BRATs and hatches in every type of off-road terrain from mud piles to snow to rocks. You will stay glued to this! Email him and order some and you won't regret it!



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