While the original Subaru lug nuts and studs did the job, the lugs did look sort of small on the wheel. I headed down to Autozone and had a look through their extensive lug and stud drawers that is kept behind the counter. I came up with a stud that is made for an F350 if I am not mistaken. The matching lugs were nice chrome ones about twice the size of the originals. They also seated into the big 15's far better than the stock Subaru ones. The front brakes have been completed with all new rotors, calipers, pads etc. and now it was time for the rears. I went with new shoes and pistons as well as having the drums turned. The exhaust will be stainless and on the business end I will be using this Supertrapp exhaust system. It is great because you can change the number of disks to adjust back pressure and sound.





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