Not a Subaru event but one of the top ones of the year. For those of you not familiar it is one of the largest motorcycle events of the year. Held in Washington D.C. it honors those who are POW, MIA, and active duty/vets in general. A real nice part of it was the Orange County Choppers display. Most important was a trip to the WWII memorial, a long overdue memorial to those who saved our nation. Rightfully it is placed in the center of the Lincoln memorial and the Washington. Some protested the memorials placement masking their views by claiming that it would obstruct the view of the other memorials. To them we say; "The giant swastika would also obstruct the view" "What giant swastika?" "The one that isn't there because of those men we now honor."

The ride in

Waiting for traffic on 66 to resumeThis procession went on for 20 min onto 66


Good hospitality at the Boozefighter's clubSome friends of a friend





OUR Flag, know how to treat it.