The stock BRAT driveline is layed out so that the transfer case and tranny are one unit. The truck is in front wheel drive when in two wheel drive and when you engage 4WD the rear driveshaft is linked to the main shaft in the tranny and power is sent to the rear. This system works fine and even handles the larger tires well. The one short coming is the lack of any aftermarket gearing. By locking the stock tranny in 4Lo and using the rear shaft to drive a Nissan Transfercase the gearing issues are all solved. The low ratio on the tranny gives a stock Hi ratio when coupled to the 33 in tires. At that point the Nissan transfer case will provide actual 4LO reduction. The trade off is that the truck becomes rear wheel drive with the fronts engaging when the Tcase is shifted into 4WD.


   The BRAT is still at the paint shop so what I am doing for now is collecting the parts needed. First off was a run to the auto yard to get a Nissan Tcase and driveshafts. I am sort of on hold till the BRAT is back home.


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    I also saw a few interesting things at the yard. A one of a kind flatbed woodie BRAT that was too far gone to save but had it been cared for, and done in a cherry wood or Cyprus, it would have been very nice. Also saw a good argument against drinking and driving for people who might need a visual.

    Woodie BRAT 1 2     DUI 1 2

 The Tcase is pulled and mostly clean.

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