The BRAT is at the body shop for a full workup. All the usual stuff; door dings gone, full respray in 74F etc. But also some other custom work, gas door gone, trim belt moved etc. And as well as the bed getting lined the bumpers, fuel cell mount and trim belt trim will be done in black as well. They are also tinting some bedliner to the Subaru 74F paint code that the rest of the truck is being done in and spraying that on the truck sides from the trim belt down as well as the tail piece.

  Here is a pic I snagged on the first day of work. I hope to have the time to stop by and snag a few more.




        A few days later. The windshield frame is rebuilt and the sides are looking good. The sand down and block out are next then the paint goes on.


     PIC1  PIC2


     Yeah, and big surprise, several people have already wanted buy it.


  Hood after coming out of the booth primed   Fender coming out of the booth as well



  Pic1 Pic2 Pic3



 Pic1 Pic2




  BACK HOME (quick night shots) not all trim is on:  PIC1 PIC2





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