When lifting a BRAT, in the 4 plus inch range, you will most likely find that the rear lines are long enough (even at 8 inches) but the fronts run short. The solution is to install an extension on the hard-line that the soft line screws on to.

Step one, unscrew the factory line from the hard-line that exits the inner fender.


Step two assemble the line extension with a coupler on one end, this is the end that will screw onto the connector coming out of the inner fender. Ignore the part numbers on the tag, This is for demonstration only. The correct part numbers are at the bottom of the page.

Step three, screw the line onto the stock line coming from the inner fender and then screw the factory soft line onto that. Secure with a bracket at the bottom. I ordered a bracket from NAPA that did not arrive in time for the pics. I will snap one of it soon.



2x NAPA part No. 7941

2x NAPA part No. 073-1093




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