To the very best of my knowledge this particular swap of an ER27 into a BRAT has never been done before. It is a difficult swap that demands modification of the engine bay and isn't a drop in mod. Motor mounts will also have to be made as well as a million other details. The benefit is going to be worth all the effort. I can retain the BRAT dual range tranny and enjoy the incredible torque and HP of this big six. A full account will be made of the install but for now I am just showing the basics.

Here it is in the truck. The mounts have yet to be built but it is mated to the tranny and clearing the frame. I was pleasantly surprised when the frame rails were missed thanks to the lift. The front radiator mount, hill holder and some lift components had to be modified. The pulley comes about 3 inches from the bumper. The top mounted radiator makes that irrelevant.

Clearance on the right

And clearance on the left

Coming soon will be the motor mounts and then the wiring followed by the exhaust.







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