As we all know the BRAT did not come with front shocks in the conventional sense. The truck was equipped with struts, a shock that has a spring integrated with it and functions as the upper link of the suspension. The stock strut needs to be augmented by a performance off road shock for optimal handling with the lift and larger tires.

The trick here is that the shock must allow for the lower mount to turn, this is done by using the stem type mount on top and eyelet type on the bottom as a pivot point.


This mod would most likely work on 4 inch kits, MAYBE 3 inch, but defiantly not stock.

The materials: 1x1 thick wall tube stock, 1/2 in x 5in stainless steel bolt (w 2 washers, 2 lock washers each and a nut each), 4 1 7/8 exhaust clamps, 2 U bolts, 1/2 in spacer to fit over 1/2 bolt.


Bottom mounts

Cut a 2 1/2 inch section of tubing and a 6 inch section of tubing. Weld them together as in the picture below. Then drill a 1/2 inch hole at the lower end of the tubing, then weld the bolt through that hole as in the picture. Last, weld the base portion of the U clamp onto the assembly.

Grind the brake hose clamp arms off the strut to allow the mount to clear.

Install the mount using your U bolts that came with the clamps. The spacers on the bolt in the pictures so far are the ones that go with the shock and will be inside the bushing.

The top mount will need the U bolts welded in place so that they are on the centerline of the strut shaft. This will position the shock parallel with the strut. The stem of the shock passes through here with a rubber bushing on the top and bottom so that the shock can lean as the lower mount turns.

The lower assembly goes together just like the picture shows. Do not tighten the nut much beyond finger tight and use a GOOD locktite. This is the pivot point for the shock and it must be greased and allowed to flex freely. Make sure that your spacer keeps at least a quarter inch between the shock and mount.

The whole thing looks like this when done:

The clean up steps are to tack weld the brake line holder to the shock bracket. If you are using RS9ks you have to route the control tube to the shock, I routed mine next to the brake line.

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