The only reason that this fellow is alive today is because of the way the BRAT holds up in a violent wreck. Keep this in mind should you or a fellow BRAT owner ever come under fire to get rid of the BRAT due to "safety" and other excuses usually as part of a high pressure campaign by the woman to deprive you of your BRAT. The only reason this site's webmaster is here to provide this site is because he lived through a violent wreck in his 86 BRAT. This 85 belonged to a friend.


The wreck occured as Mr. Grant was in his morning commute to work and the horrible pain is that he had just purchased this 1985 MINT, cherry, sweet, rust free, low mileage GEM, for a pittance. As he was merging onto the ramp he was edged out by a pompous arrogant fuck in a truck and spun on the gravel. The result was backward slam into the metal guardrail at 70Mph. The rear was demolished and other than a bent trailing arm the hard bits stayed intact and the cab area was unharmed. The owner walked away unharmed and was furious at the loss of his BRAT and not in a stabile or pleasant mental state for some days after the incident. The truck was just about to receive a 4 inch lift and 27 in. MT Baja Belteds.




The passing of this BRAT was not a total tragedy. The truck was not just scrapped. Prior to discarding the truck it was stripped to the shell and then some.