The stock guage pack was fine for daily driving but not complete and not accurate enough for heavy duty use. In a few cases they were not compatible with new components. The boost and nitrous pressure gauges are on the pillar, the tach is on the dash, and the rest are in the dash.


 Speedo- The stock unit was far off with the gearing changes and there was no real way to recalibrate it. Replacement with a programmable unit was the only way and that precipitated the move to a total dash/guage replacement. It was also nice to have a mileage count starting from the point the vehicle was reborn.

 Tach- The stock unit was hardwired for 4 cylinders and while I could reconfigure it for 6 it was easier to replace it and it would allow for better dash spacing to have it seperate.

 Gas- The stock unit was not compatible with the fuel cell and Summit Racing doesn't carry a Subaru compatible sender if you can believe that.

 Oil Press- Better unit used to replace stock unit.

 Voltage- Gauge unit used to replace stock idiot light.

 Water temp- Better unit used to replace stock gauge.

 Boost- Gauge added because original configuration did not have one.

 Nitrous Press- Gauge added because stock BRAT did not have nitrous.


     First step was to take apart the gauge pack and cut the back out. I had a piece of diamond plate aluminum cut to fit the gauge box and hold the gauges. The machine shop did a great job.

  Cut dash         Modified gauge box



  Gauges             Gauge box installed




  Completed unit    Pulse encoder for speedo

    Added an inclinometer and tiltometer with a 4WD indicator light. This unit was from a Toyota 4WD and is replacing a larger unit from an Isuzu that I was using. The Isuzu unit was a combo with a incli/tilt, a voltage gauge and an oil pressure gauge. This new unit was the one I was after originally.








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