Document on Hassey Lift

This BRAT and the documentation are the property of Rick Trout aka Hassey

This is a 1984 Subaru Brat it has a 6 inch body lift and i currently have 15x8 inch Toyota 6 lug rims with 31x10.5 all terain tires and have had 31x12.5

Please keep in mind that the following is based on a 6 inch body lift and if you are looking for some thing smaller  like 2" or 4" you will need to make some measurements to ensure the fit

2x6 tubing was used for the lift and was cut using a chop saw in to 2x2x6 pieces you will need 14 total  thats 10 in the front (5 on each side) and 4 for the rear.(2 on each side) An old brat body was used as a jig. Holes were drilled in the ends of the block and  the blocks were then bolted to the jig and welded together. using 2x2 tubing. When you are done you will have 2 pieces with 5 blocks on each one. the flat sides face each other as the 4 are seen in the photo the 5th block sets behind the first 2 and the flat side faces out

Here an other look at the lift from under the Brat as you
can see the original bolts were used to bolt the lift to the
bottom of the Brat an the same size bolts were used with nuts on the bottom of the lift.

you will need to disconect the battery, the struts (at the top of the wheel well),the engine suport,the bracket holding the hoses to the charcoal canister,the brake lines in front ( needs to be lenghtend any way) take the radiator out for safety (plus top hose needs to be lenghtened too)  remove the 10 bolts  and the front tires

raise the car up slowly and check for any thing that might keep it from raising  and you are ready to put your lift in

Or if you are using a car hoist you can use a tranny stand and lower the engine and tranny

n the rear suspention the bushing were cut off an welded on 2x2 tubing  holes were drilled so that the bolts on the diff will slip through and bigger holes were drilled in the front so that a socket could fit to put the nuts on The bottom piece is 8" and the 2 side pieces are 20"
and while were on the rear although not photograhed it was done in the same manner as the front 2 blocks on each side and conected with 2x2 tubing but on the rear you will conect the 2 with 2x2 tubing going across look above the diff and you will see it  you will need to take the rear shock off, the rear tires off, the rear bow suspention and disconect the brake line keepers they should be long enough mine was

Using 4x4 tubing an old strut cap and a 6x8 1/4 plate you can see by the photo below on how it needs to be cut and welded together the angle if i remember right is 22 deg
you will need to cut the center out of the plate leaving an 1" boarder on 3 sides, 1" on
the 2 long sides and 1" on the short side the fourth side remains open and goes to the back of the 4x4 tower you will need to cut a 1/2 slot down the center of the long sides

The rear shock were taken off an thrown away as Doetsch Tech shocks were used by making a plate the size of the plate on the back of the old shocks 1/4 thick was used  once the plate is cut drill holes in it so you can bolt it to were the old shock was once your sure of the fit take them off.You will need to then cut 4 pieces about 2 to 2 1/2 long by 1 1/2
wide  by welding the 2 long pieces on the sides and a short piece on the top for suport as seen in photo above


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