It would hardly be fitting to have a stock interior on the BRAT. First of all, every time you dump off in a stream or mudhole you have the carpet soaking up water. And the most compelling reason is that the carpet promotes rust by holding that moisture in place on the floorboard. How many BRATs have you seen rust out in the footwells? My decided path was to gut the truck cab other than the top part of the dash and go from there. The interior floorpan and footwells would be Rhinolined just like the bed for protection. Race seats, gauge friendly lower dash and a roll cage were also an absolute.



 Some carpet fuzz left and some other crud     Most of the crud out     Brake and lever    The Chief Mechanic   


 I found that the left over sticky stuff from that tar type noise sheeting came right off with some Prep-all which you can get at any auto parts store. The bulk of the sheeting was removed by chisel and a flat bladed screwdriver.






OUR Flag, know how to treat it.