In 1982 Tamiya released the R/C model of the BRAT. Tamiya is known as the leader in detail when it comes to R/C kits. And since a picture says a thousand words here are a few pics of my R/C Brats:



This particular one is absolutely original other than the modern RC system. I got it on Ebay and it had been started but never finished. When I opened the box it was like 1982 all over again other than about 6 parts being assembled. She hardly ever gets run and the goal is to keep it scratch and break free.


Now this one gets run all the time and it is a one of a kind. The body is a brat but the chassis is a all metal ultra-real scale version of a Toyota 4X4. It has axels, leaf springs, drive shafts and the tranny is a 3 speed with a transfer case, they are both shifted from the control unit.



The kit has been discontinued for well over a decade now and you won't find them in hobby shops. The one good source I have found is Ebay. You will see them sell for anything from 120. all the way up to almost 300. The good news is that all modern R/C gear works just fine and better than the original so you can get most of what you need to get it up and running from your local hobby shop. Parts for the truck itself are often found on Ebay, and remember, 90% of Tamiya Frog parts fit the BRAT.

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