Aftermarket race seats


  The stock seats in BRATs are ok for a daily driver but for a mud slinging monster they just don't fill the role, and for racing, you need more than stock for sure. The seats here are the Summit Racing seats they sell with the black padded covers. They are absolutely waterproof and accept the standard 5 point harness design, you might be able to use the stock belt, I didn't test that. The trick part is that nobody in the world makes seat rails to fit that seat, or any other seat, into the BRAT. Time to make some. After going over a range of ideas I came up with a working solution that is rather easy to construct.


  The first step is to remove the stock seats, 4 12mm bolts and they are free. Once out flip them over and you will see a series of large Phillips screws holding the rail to the seat frame. Zip the screws out and toss them along with the seat. Go back to the truck and bolt the rails in place, this insures good alignment. The distance across the rails is 17 in. so get some 1x1 square tubing cut 17 inches long, you will need two per seat. The bolt centers are 7.75 in apart so drill them on the 1x1 so that they are equal  distance from the center of the stock. The holes need to be just slightly larger than 3/8ths inch. Flip the Summit seat over and bolt the bars to the seat then position the seat so that the bars run edge to edge and that they seat is straight and true. Tack weld the bars in place and then remove the entire assembly. Unbolt the seats and weld a good bead along the contact between the brackets and the bars. Grind the welds smooth, prime and paint everything and you are ready to install your adjustable race seats.






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