The criteria for my tire selection was that it had to meet the 31 in tire limit that a 6 inch lift has and they had to be good all around tires for everything but pavement. Since I had made the decision to convert to 6 lug hubs the selection of wheels is in the hundreds, pretty much any Toyota truck rim will fit. After looking around at all the different options I was torn between the lighter alloys and the white spokes that were heavier but looked so much like BRAT rims, only bigger. In the end I decided that the white spokes were so much more true to the original that they won out. I ordered them from Summit Racing in the 15x10 size for about $35. each. The tire selection also worked it's way down to two choices. The Mickey Thompson Baja Belted and the Super Swamper came up fairly close. The MT was 29x10.5 and the Super Swamper was 30x11.5 with a more aggressive tread. The bonus points for the Thompson was that they were lighter but the Swampers won out in mud and rock use. I decided on the Swamper and ordered 4 of them from National Tire and Wheel which is a big 4x4 shop in WV. They have good prices and didn't try to screw me on shipping. The actual measurements of the tire are 29.75 high, 12.2 in wide at the side tread and the contact patch is 10.5 in wide. The advertised specs were 30,  11.5 and 9.78 so they were actually a bit fatter than I thought they were going to be, excellent.








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