By now the UPS man sure knows my address and Summit Racing has started mailing me catalogs from three different categories at least once a month. That week of planning and ordering has mostly come together. There are a few stragglers.

The gauges have arrived. The Speedo is the special one of the group. The original cable is replaced by a Hall effect sensor that allows the speedo to be calibrated. So despite the radical gearing changes and such the speedo in the BRAT will be dead on. Of course the fuel gauge needed to be replaced with a GM type so that the resistance range would be right. Then the BRAT tach was made for a 4cyl and not a 6. That left me with one or two working gauges on the stock dash. I decided to replace it with an aluminum dash and mount all new gauges that would all work. Another plus is that the Odometer will start at 1 mile, very appropriate.


The new radiator showed up as well. This is a 4 core aluminum unit made for use in up to a 7Ltr V8. It should cool the 6 with no problem.

The Coil came in the same box.

The side mounted pipes came in too. These are going to sound great in the dual setup I have designed.



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