This work period consisted of pulling the rotors, calipers and other brake hardware off. The rotors were dropped off at the machine shop to be turned and the wheel bearings got repacked while I was at it. The brake lines were extended to allow for the additional lift. New calipers and pads will be fitted to the turned rotors. This will complete the front brake system. The new master cylinder and brake booster will also be going in.


Let me tell you why I love Ebay. The brake system other than the hard lines and rotors was replaced for less than $100.

Booster                        12.00                              

Calipers W/pads           25.00

Master Cyl                    12.00

Drum pistons                   8.00

Rear pads                      10.00

Rotors (turned)               30.00

Total:                              97.00





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